Gnarls Barkley Release Album Today; Take That, Jack White!

gnarlsbarkley.jpgOne way to beat the bootleggers is to go the Raconteurs/Radiohead road and announce an album release less than two weeks before the music hits shelves. Or you can go the Gnarls Barkley route and just push things up by three weeks. The second album from Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse, The Odd Couple, was original scheduled to hit stores on April 8.

Then, out of nowhere, they announced this morning that it would actually be available in stores and online today. “They felt the timing was right to just go for it,” said an unnamed spokesman for the band in a press release. “With the shifting seasons, furtive romantic entanglements and fierce college basketball rivalries, the latter half of March can be confusing. People need to be soothed and inspired now.”