Fergie Covers Heart, Has a ‘Flavor of Love’ Addiction


I just spent the last half-hour or so talking to Fergie because someone had to do it. And the woman’s life without the Peas (as you know) has been way busy.

She’s releasing a deluxe version of The Dutchess on May 27th, and she talked to us about the five new tracks that will be on the album. I can’t spill my guts about everything I heard, but I can tease you a little bit…

Tracks include a cover of Heart’s “Barracuda” (if you saw Idol Gives Back, you know how excited Fergie is about this one). There’s also a slower track called “Pick It Up,” a Soulja Boy remix of “Clumsy,” and, finally, “Labels or Love,” which is going to be the Sex and the City movie theme song. Fergie, a huge fan of that show, told me that she relates to a mix of Samantha, Carrie, and Miranda…leaving out headband-sporting Charlotte. Guess that makes sense.

So now that she’s become a flamin’ hitmaker, what does Fergie do in her downtime? She watches reruns of “I Love New York,” “Rock of Love,” and “Flavor of Love” — and she said she wasn’t just saying that because she was on MTV turf. (What’s with the fascination with Brett Michaels…??)

We also talked about what’s on her iPod, future movie plans, being a child star, and — on another level — the throes of addiction. For more on all that, keep checking back with MTVNews.com…