MTV Movie Awards: It’s A Wrap!

Tim Kash on MTV News’ 2008 MTV Movie Awards platformWhatever our New York colleagues say, any day that begins with a billowing, anvil-shaped clouds of smoke rising over the location of your massive live event, and ends twenty-one hours later is work.

Despite the three alarm fire smoldering just down the hill from our red, er, gold carpet, and the momentary chance that the local fire warden may cancel the proceedings, MTV News’ “Coming Attractions” pre-show came off without a hitch.

What’s more, the 2008 MTV Movie Awards were as awesomely absurd as ever. Of course, the News team was all over it. Here’s a sampling:

· We covered the gold carpet, including what you didn’t see.

· We caught the action onstage and backstage.

· We unveiled the full, uncensored clip of “Pineapple Express” stars James Franco and Seth Rogen lightin’ up during the Movie Awards.

· And we had lunch with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

Ok, so there was some upside.

Check out behind-the-scenes pics after the jump…

Tim Kash with Jason Bateman and Ellen Page

Tim Kash interviews TI and The Pussycast Dolls Kim Stolz Tim Kash with Steve Carell and The Rock