Black Kids’ Major-Label Debut Get Slammed By Pitchfork (Shocker) — What Do They Think?

By Christopher “CJ” Smith

So the talk of the blog world this week is Black Kids — the band from Jacksonville, Florida, that is.

They’ve been hyped up for what seems like an eternity in the blog-world (which means since last October), when their debut EP captured the imagination of many Cure fans. We caught up with them at the CMJ Music Marathon last October to get the skinny on their sound — and, of course, the hype.

But a lot has changed since then — mainly stemming from the release of their major-label debut this week. Rather predictably, the response has not been as kind this go-round. While receiving favorable reviews from many outlets like Filter, Spin and Rolling Stone, the big news came from indie-reckoner Pitchfork, which arguably set off the buzz on the band’s EP with an overwhelmingly positive review.

However, Pitchfork has dramatically changed its tune for the full-length, which contains all the tracks from the EP — in addition to the abysmal 3.3 rating, just see for yourself what they had to say.

This review — an apology for bringing the band to the masses in the first place — has led blogs and commenters to take Pitchfork to task for not having the nerve to back their withering score up with a proper review, especially after blowing them up in the first place.

We sat down with the band on Thursday (July 24) to see what they had to say about the situation …

As always, it’s best to take the hype for what it’s worth and check the music out for yourself.