Bret Michaels Comes Within 1 Point Of Predicting Super Bowl Score; Doesn’t Remember Until Tuesday

Last week, in the run-up to Super Bowl XLIII, I did an interview with die-hard Steelers fan/ Arizona resident/ “Rock of Love” lady magnet Bret Michaels about his pick for the big game. As it turns out, he’s as good at predictions as he is at wrangling ladies on a tour bus: He came within one point of nailing the final score.

Michaels said the Steelers would beat the Cardinals 27-24. As it turns out, they won 27-23. Seriously, it’s like Bret has ESP or something.

Anyway, despite his amazing accuracy with regard to the game’s score, he apparently didn’t remember his prediction for around 48 hours. So on Tuesday, he called to remind me of his prognostication skills. He also filled me in on his big Super Bowl weekend (Playboy mansion, kicking ass, playing rock and roll), and used the term “awesome” approximately 25 times …

It was the second time in less than a week that he’s left an amazing voicemail for an MTV News employee (read how he made Christina Garibaldi’s day, which means that not only is Bret Michaels great at predicting the outcomes of major sporting events, but he seems like a pretty great dude).

Hear the voicemail after the jump!