Lily Allen, You Should Date Our Producer

Lily AllenBy Nick Neofitidis

Lily Allen is looking for love. Lucky for her, so am I! OK, more like lucky for me. Truth is, I’ve always had a little crush on Lily, but it wasn’t until she showed up yesterday for an interview did I realize that this girl is freaking awesome. Down to earth, cute as a button and just overall a really cool, honest woman. How refreshing!

Anyway, James did the interview, and I did the boyish giggling in the corner, managing to man up only at the end to ask for a photo. I have to admit we look pretty good next to each other!

But let’s not go by looks alone. After all, Valentine’s Day is coming up. And though Lily isn’t husband-hunting, as so many tabloids claim, she is looking for L-O-V-E, dammit! So, Lily, I’ll break it down for yah!

· I’m 6’1. OK, fine, I’m 5’10.

· I’m 100 percent Greek, which means I have a HUGE … personality.

· I have a great sense of humor. Girls always say they need a guy with a sense of humor!

· I have visited London twice and loved it. Plus, I’m friends with Tim Kash, and he’s British, I think. That’s got to count for something right? On second thought, ignore the Tim Kash thing. Good dude, but he works in the media. Shhh!

· My perfect date night is a couple of drinks and some good old conversation. Goes with my old-school romantic side.

· You don’t strike me as a money-hungry girl (since you’ve sold, like, a couple million records), which is great because I’m not rich. I did, however, just play Mega Millions, and I’m feeling pretty good about my numbers.

· Something tells me you like to party. So do I! This is going well. I can feel it.

· I love traveling. Going on tour with you for your new record is totally not an issue for me. I can even be a roadie!

Let’s be honest. You’re a famous pop star; you got guys all over you. I’m just a TV producer for a sort of well-known music channel. But I’ll just put it out there: If you need a date for Saturday, give me a call! Or have your people call my people (which would be me). Anyway! I’ll be around, drinking, watching TV and crossing my fingers that I see 9-17-30-45-25 and Mega Ball 2 come on the screen. Happy Valentine’s Day!