A Few Heartthrobs That Didn’t Quite Make The Cut

By Emily Donahue

Picking Hollywood’s finest for our Valentine’s single teen heartthrob list turned out to be more of a challenge than I thought it would. There were so many guys that came to mind, but not all could be included. Some were cut simply because they have a significant other and “single” was a key criteria, but some were for other reasons. Corbin BleuHere’s who didn’t make the cut:

Corbin Bleu – Yes, Corbin is a cutie. He can sing, he can dance — he is even single! And I apologize to all you Bleu birds out there, but I have to say this: Corbin is just plain boring. Come out with a steamy music video, CB! It takes more than a pretty smile to be a heartthrob these days.

Ed Westwick – Oh Chuck Bass, with your red velvet suits and penchant for burlesque shows, who doesn’t love you?Ed Westwick Apparently your castmate Jessica Szorh (Vanessa to those that go by character name only) feels the same — last week while courtside at a Knicks game you engaged in a PDA-session that crushed the dreams of many, present company included. I think the CW needs to implement a rule in which there can only be one inter-show romance at time and Penn and Blake got there first.

Kevin JonasAll of the Jonas Brothers – Every Jonas has a girlfriend! I would’ve bet money Kevin was single, but alas, a search showed that he too has a female to accompany him on triple-dates with Joe and Camilla and Nick and Selena. Love bugs indeed.

Anyone we missed that puts you into cardiac arrest? Let us know!