SXSW 2009: Holy Crap, The Decemberists!

The Decemberists closed Wednesday night at SXSW with a note-for-note recreation of their new album, The Hazards Of Love at Stubb’s. Seven people on the stage. Two ethereal female singers. Hectic drummers. Gratuitous organ solos. And, of course, tons and tons of riffs.

It was ambitious. It was epic. And the capacity crowd lapped it up. Hazards is definitely one of the year’s best, and seeing the ‘Rists deliver a note-perfect version of it was certainly the best way to close out the first night of South By Southwest. Shoot, it might just end up being the highlight of the entire festival. And that’s not just hyperbole … we’ve got proof.

Click the jump to check out some particularly ferocious footage of their set. You’re welcome.

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