Eating Pizza — That Costs A Dollar — With Asher Roth

Asher RothWEST CHESTER, Pennsylvania — Most rappers rap about expensive cars and houses. Asher Roth raps, “I can get pizza a dollar a slice.” I wondered if that was really true — and if it would be edible, let alone good.

Literally 25 steps from the door of Asher’s old address here on Matlack Street is Jake’s Bar and Riggtown Pizza. You may never have heard of it, but Asher promised me it’s not called “The Epicenter” for nothing, and he was right.

A small bar with $5 pitchers and a shuffleboard table was enough to make the next two hours go by smoothly. Asher might be “the champion of beer pong” but Nick and I beat him and his boy — and it was my first time playing!

Right next door to Jake’s is Riggtown Pizza, and not only was pizza a dollar a slice, it was good!

By this point a small gathering of people had formed outside of people (mostly kids and students) all waiting to say hi to Asher and a get a picture — yet more proof that this young MC is indeed a local hero!