Mastodon Think Somali Pirates Are Awesome

MastodonBack in February, we sat down with Mastodon at NYC’s Russian Tea Room to discuss their time-lapping, worm-hole hopping, sternum-crushing concept album, Crack The Skye (to watch parts of our chat, check out Mastodon: Raw).

At the time, we were also trying out something called “Rocks (Or Not),” a concept in which bands would read a series of randomly selected topics off of note cards and decide whether said topics “rocked” or not (we never said it was a particularly good idea).

In fact, the Mastodon interview was the first time we ever tested the concept … giving them topics like “disgraced former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich,” “gout” and “consuming alcohol in moderation.” Guitarist/singer Brent Hinds and drummer Brann Dailor were more than game, supplying us with totally funny answers that … well, that we never got around to using.

Fast-forward two months, to MTV News’s morning meeting: There is much discussion of the whole “Somali Pirates” thing — trying to find some sort of angle we can use to cover the story (since, after all, we’re all huge pirate fans). We are stumped, until suddenly, it occurs to me: “Holy crap, we totally asked Mastodon about Somali Pirates back in February!”

So, I dug through the vaults and found the footage: Mastodon debating the finer points of Somali Pirates. It’s truly amazing. And you can see for yourself after the jump.


We totaly agree. Pirates do rock, however, they should never wear flip flops (or, “flip flaps”). Also, like Hinds, we too thought Somali Pirates were “Filipinian-type guys” until very recently. You learn something new every day.

Now, why did we never air this?!?!?