Has Justin Bieber Blown His Hair Dry For The Last Time?

Last April, MTV aired “The Diary of Justin Bieber,” a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to be a teenage pop superstar. The special included a look at his killer basketball skills (which he got to flex over the weekend at the NBA All Star Game), his love for white toast (and not wheat toast), the fan mania that goes on in the world of Bieber and some excellent live performances from the star.

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The “Diary” also included some brilliant footage of Bieber blow-drying his famous locks — a mane that has now been chopped off in favor of the star’s new shorter look. In the clip, fans see Bieber in his hotel bathroom styling his iconic tuft. Here’s something of the step-by-step on how Bieber used to style his hair.

Standing in front of a mirror, he began with a towel dry of his hair, followed by a vigorous session with the blow dryer (taking a moment to mess it up a bit before blow drying it again). For a finish, he tossed it around to get his bangs in place for the side-swept look he’s known for.


The footage of Bieber styling his hair is both educational (for those hoping to achieve a similar look) and sort of mesmerizing (for those wondering what famous people do in hotel bathrooms). No videos of Bieber styling his new do have hit the Internet yet, but we’re hoping that Bieber will have the kindness to share with the world how he styles his new hair soon.

(Click here for more photos of Justin Bieber’s career in hair styles!)

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