MTV’s Musical March Madness: Coheed And Cambria Vs. Crystal Bowersox, Vampire Weekend Vs. Bright Eyes

It’s MTV’s second annual Musical March Madness! MTV News took the 64 biggest names in rock, split them up into four regions, assigned them seeds and puts them up against one another in a single-elimination series of match-ups in a winner-take-all contest. We’re leaving it to you to decide an actual champ in this field of 64, so over the next few weeks, fan voting will determine who will emerge as this year’s champion. It’s all about the fans, and the artist with the most passionate fan base will score the awesome Musical March Madness trophy!

The 2011 MTV Musical March Madness tournament is only a few hours old, but there are already heated contests going on between some heavy hitters (there are already upsets brewing, as the Damned Things have jumped out to an early lead against top-seeded Foo Fighters). Of course, voting will continue through this Sunday (March 20), with the winners revealed on Monday (March 21). In the meantime, let’s move on to the next batch of match-ups, which feature some of the biggest names in the whole contest.

(6) Coheed and Cambria vs. (11) Crystal Bowersox
The 2010 MTV Musical March Madness champions Coheed and Cambria made an improbable run through that tournament, proving that their fans were a force to be reckoned with. They probably would have had a higher seed had they not been so quiet over the past few months. But they remain one of the tournament favorites. Still, they have a challenging draw in Crystal Bowersox, the “American Idol” runner-up who has managed to galvanize an impressive online following since the release of her album Farmer’s Daughter. Will she have enough to overthrow the reigning champs? Only your votes can decide!

(3) Vampire Weekend vs. (14) Bright Eyes
Two of the most literate acts in indie rock take it to the mat in the first round, and both are riding high. Vampire Weekend are still basking in the glow of their chart-topping second album Contra, while Bright Eyes just released their best album in years. Will Conor Oberst be able to topple the Vampire Weekend juggernaut? Vote and find out!

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