Real-Life Couples Who Took Their Love In Front Of The Cameras For Music Videos

By Christina Garibaldi

Britney Spears just released the ultra-steamy video for “Criminal,” which stars her boyfriend of over two years, Jason Trawick. The two give us a glimpse into their bedroom behavior in the clip and it got us thinking, what other couples have turned co-stars in music videos? Well, wonder no more, here’s our list!


Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, “My Prerogative” (2004)
Jason Trawick wasn’t the first boyfriend Britney teamed up with for a music video. Brit starred alongside then fiance Kevin Federline for the video for “My Prerogative.” In the vid, K-Fed’s cameo remains a mystery for most of the clip (even though everyone knows it’s him) as he watches a barely clothed Britney roll around on a bed. The video concludes with the two walking down the aisle and locking lips, which later happened in real life. Yet, after two kids, the two called off their marriage in 2006.


Beyonce and Jay-Z, “Crazy in Love” (2003), “Bonnie and Clyde” (2003), “Déjà vu” (2006), “Upgrade U” (2006)
The super private couple certainly has had no trouble showing their love through their music. The two have appeared been in four music videos together, including “Crazy in Love,” which got the rumors swirling that these two were actually a couple. Now, not only do the two make great music together, they are also making babies! Beyonce is expecting their first child this February.


Pink and Carey Hart, “So What” (2008)
Pink and then-ex Carey Hart teamed up for her video for “So What.” The song, which Pink released post-breakup, takes a few stabs at Hart by taking a chainsaw to a tree with “Alecia + Carey” engraved in it. Yet, it seems the two had no hard feelings, since Hart stars as himself in the video! Now, we all know the two rekindled their romance and earlier this year gave birth to a baby girl.


Katy Perry and Travie McCoy, “Cupids Chokehold” (2006)
Before Russell Brand, there was Travie McCoy for Katy Perry. Before Katy became one of the biggest pop stars in the world, she did her boyfriend a favor by making a cameo in his Gym Class Heroes video for “Cupids Chokehold.” In the clip, Travie dates a bunch of different women and ends up with Katy in the end … can’t say the same about their real life relationship, which ended after one year.


Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo, “What’s Left of Me” (2006)
Now even though Nick Lachey was singing about ex-wife Jessica Simpson on the song “What’s Left of Me,” he ended up meeting his new wife Vanessa Minnillo on the set of the video. The two, who play exes in the video, denied their romance after its release, but they couldn’t fool us for too long. The couple have been together ever since and finally tied the knot this year.

Jenifer lopez Jenny From The Block by cavapanon

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, “Jenny From the Block” (2002)
Who could forget Bennifer? The two were splashed over every tabloid magazine cover back in 2002, and their fame grew to another level when they decided to show everyone what romance is really like in the video for “Jenny From the Block.” The video features a lot of butt grabs, yachts most people can’t afford, and some kissing from the then-engaged couple. The two were convinced that starring alongside each other was such a great idea that they decided to take it the big screen with the box office bomb “Gigli.” Sadly, Bennifer called it quits in 2004.

Enrique Escape by nathgarf

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova, “Escape” (2002)
Enrique and Anna met on the set of his “Escape” video back in 2002. The one-time tennis player made her acting debut in the clip and had no problem getting hot and heavy with the Latin heartthrob. The two make out in a public bathroom and in the backseat of a car, leaving little to the imagination of what their real life romance would be like. The two are still going strong ten years later!

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, “Bye Bye” (2008)
Mariah Carey met her now husband Nick Cannon on the set of her video for “Bye Bye” when she asked him to direct and star in the video. The two had a whirlwind romance following the video and ended up getting married only a few short weeks later. The two are still going strong and this past April welcomed twins!

Who’s your favorite real-life couple-turned-video co-stars? Let us know in the comments!