The Wanted Describe Their Perfect Night Out With Mike Tyson

U.K. boybanders The Wanted are currently deep in their U.S. tour. Along the way they are not only winning over the hearts of teen girls across our great land, but also the heart of one particular former boxer-turned-actor.

Mike Tyson has owned up to his fandom for the band. It all kicked off shortly after they appeared as the musical guests on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” From there, Mike’s people called The Wanted’s people and a bro session was discussed (all was originally reported by Brit newspaper, The Sun).

When the guys stopped by the MTV Newsroom last week, they opened up about the possibility of hanging out with him, and they seemed quite enthusiastic about the whole idea, noting that they hope it lives up to anything and everything they’ve seen in “The Hangover.”

“[I want] chill on his tiger,” Max George enthused as he relaxed in the MTV Newsroom with his bandmates. He later joked, “[That's] not a euphemism.” Watch:


Well, considering the guys will be stateside for a little while longer, here’s hoping that they get the chance to bro out with Mike Tyson in Sin City and get a proper date on the books. You know what they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

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