About To Break: Timeflies

By Madeline Zeppa

If you’re not yet familiar with Timeflies Tuesday, odds are you will be sometime soon. The YouTube sensations have established themselves as a musical force to be reckoned with via their inventive cover songs and unique sound.

Timeflies started out releasing freestyle rap songs and covers every Tuesday night, with Cal Shapiro on vocals and Rob Resnick producing. But just like Justin Bieber, they instantly became a hit on YouTube and fans kept demanding more.

“Feels like every month we look back and can’t believe how much has changed, but it’s all happening so fast there also isn’t a lot of time to look back, it’s more about focusing on moving forward,” Resnick tells MTV News. “The Internet has made communication possible between anyone and everyone and has, if anything, shown the world that talent exists in even the least likely places.”

“Yeah it’s only natural. It makes you wonder how talent used to get discovered and how many gifted artists fell through the cracks over the years. It’s pretty much a talent show broadcast to anyone with internet,” Shapiro adds.

Timeflies released a successful debut album, Scotch Tape, last September which received a lot of positive feedback. Vanity Fair called Shapiro and Resnick “musical masterminds” and their videos “Wayward Son” and “Under the Sea” have since reached over one million views each.

Touring to numerous cities and visiting a lot of colleges, fans swarm venues, pushing their way up toward the front of the stage to get a glimpse or even hold hands with Shapiro as he sings to the crowd. The duo takes their involvement with fans seriously and recently took phone calls from fans after they posted their twist on Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.”

“It was awesome! With Facebook and Twitter, artists have become more accessible, but there’s no real outlet for people to speak to their favorite artist on the phone, says Shapiro. “Being able to talk to fans has been a really cool experience for all of us.”

Timeflies is currently touring around the country, but have still managed to make sure their fans get their Tuesday night video every week, even if it means staying up all night.

“It’s pretty surreal,” Shapiro says. “It’s amazing to think that roughly a year ago today we were graduating college with the hope of growing our fan base. Now here we are, it’s been a crazy ride.”

With sold out crowds across the country, we’re pretty sure the future looks bright for these two.