Timeflies Has Fans Under the Influence

By Madeline Zeppa

Cal Shapiro and Rob Resnick are Under the Influence on their recently dropped mixtape!

While weekly Tuesday night videos may have gotten their name out there, Timeflies have broken through and are showcasing their talent with more of their own creations in addition to covers of such hits as The Wanted’s “Glad You Came” and Rihanna’s “We Found Love.” The band tells MTV News, “It was really cool to take a hook that may have been written to mean one thing and take it in a new direction. The challenge is always to make music you can listen to in a variety of situations that’s emotional and fresh.”

The band has been on tour for much of the last year, leaving us to wonder when they found time to create such polished songs. “Only one of the songs was started on tour,” Cal tells MTV News. “The rest of the songs were either from days we had off and were briefly in the city at home, or things we’d started for Timeflies Tuesdays and decided we wanted to save to get a chance to really work on.”

“What was so great about this project was that it was sort of a fusion of our original stuff and what we’d been putting out in our weekly Timeflies Tuesdays,” Rez adds.

Timeflies tells us that the song “Stand By Me” is a beat Rez made before the guys even created their first album, The Scotch Tape. “Sleep Forever” was also an original that the two had written a while back.

In addition to their highly anticipated mixtape, the two have managed to put together another tour schedule where they will travel across the country to meet their West Coast fans. “We’ll be hitting up the East Coast and then journeying westward. Haven’t done much out West, so that should be awesome,” Cal says.

We weren’t at all surprised to find out the two are already working on their next album as well. They have decided to drift away from the cover song scene and will make this album of entirely original material. “We’re really pumped to be working on all original stuff. We haven’t gotten to do that in a while and it’s definitely what we’re most passionate about,” Cal tells MTV News. “As we get bigger we keep raising the bar on what we expect of ourselves. There’s always more to be done and that keeps us working.”

“Hopefully we’ll have some cool collaborations on this project and get some of these tracks remixed by some dope people in the electronic dance music (EDM) world. We feel like as long as we stay focused on the music and continue to have a good time, it’s going to keep getting crazier,” Rez adds.

Upbeat music appealing to fans of all genres, Under the Influence is a mixtape you’ll want to check out!