Conor Oberst Doubles Down: Wake-Up Video

Though he has spent the last few years performing under his own name and in the supergroup Monsters of Folk (which also includes M. Ward from She & Him and My Morning Jacket‘s Jim James), Conor Oberst first made his bones as the brain, voice and songwriting behind Bright Eyes. The native of Omaha, Nebraska,… Read more »

Conor Oberst: Exhausting Democratic Primary Only Making Party Stronger

With the results of Tuesday’s Kentucky and Oregon primaries in, Barack Obama now has a majority of pledged delegates for the Democratic Party nomination, leading many to dub him the nominee. Calls continue to come out of the Obama camp for Hillary Clinton to once and for all drop out of the race and begin… Read more »

Conor Oberst Talks Mexico, The Solo Life & Obama

Yesterday I got the chance to sit down with one of my favorite musicians on the planet, Conor Oberst. The setting was a Mexican restaurant in the East Village, about halfway between his house and mine — though admittedly it was a pretty obvious location choice. You see, earlier this year, Mexico was the place… Read more »

Conor Oberst Goes Solo, Taps Into Aztec Magic

Conor Oberst, the man behind Bright Eyes‘ avant-Americana, is getting ready to release his first solo album in thirteen years, on August 4th. The album was recorded in Mexico this past January and February, in an impromptu studio assembled in Tepoztlan, a town known (um, as Merge Records’ release tells us) for Aztec vibes and… Read more »

Corin Tucker Doesn’t Know What’s Next

If you happen to be in the Washington, D.C. area on Friday night (October 29), you’ll have the last opportunity to catch the supremely excellent Corin Tucker Band live in concert for the time being (unless you live in Japan, where you’ll have three chances to catch them on a short jaunt after Thanksgiving). The… Read more »

Monsters Of Folk Rate The Greatest Supergroups Of All Time

Monsters of Folk is the rather awesomely-named project currently occupying the time of all your favorite shaggy troubadours (the official roster: Bright Eyes‘ Conor Oberst, My Morning Jacket‘s Jim James, M. Ward and jack-of-all-trades Mike Mogis), and despite their insistence to the contrary — modesty and scruffiness do go hand-in-hand, after all — they are… Read more »

Coachella Lineup Underwhelms At Least One Person …

It’s beginning to feel like I write this same thing every single year (and, lo and behold, I have), but, wow, the lineup for Coachella 2009 is super underwhelming. Again. Perhaps it’s due to the inflated expectations from previous years, or the constant stream of hype, speculation and false-starts that accompanies the unveiling of the… Read more »

Why Megan Corkrey Won’t Win ‘American Idol’

On last night’s Mormon-fueled “American Idol” auditions in Salt Lake City, we got an Osmond, a tone-deaf Goth girl, a whole bunch of toothsome white people, one heartwarming hippie trainwreck and, without a doubt, my favorite contestant of the season: Megan Corkrey, a gorgeous, newly single mom with a mean sleeve of tattoos and a… Read more »