Happy Birthday, David Cook!

It’s always a bit of a bummer for kids whose birthdays are so close to Christmas. They always get somewhat shafted on gifts growing up, right? But that probably hasn’t mattered in a few years for David Cook, who turns 28 years old today. The man who won the seventh season of “American Idol” (arguably… Read more »

David Cook And A Rubber Chicken Poke Fun At ‘American Idol,’ The Media

David Cook has been in the limelight for less than two years, but he’s apparently already burned out by reporters asking him the same five questions. Late last week, Cook posted a new episode of his webshow “Pork Beans” in which the singer interviews a rubber chicken (named “Crazy Legs”) by regurgitating particularly inane questions… Read more »

Did You See This?! MTV Movie Awards, Lil Wayne, David Cook And More!

By Kathleen Newman-Bremang and Angelique Smith It’s that time of year, movie lovers! The MTV Movie Awards nominees are in, and “Twilight” and “Slumdog Millionaire” lead the pack of movies vying for those Golden Popcorns. Mixtape Daily — the spawn of our much-beloved Mixtape Monday — catches up with Lil Wayne protégée Nikki Minaj, who… Read more »

‘American Idol’ Winner David Cook Vants To Be Alone

By Cara Alwill To quote an ’80s hit, “American Idol” champ David Cook always feels like somebody’s watching him. In a recent MySpace plea, Cook begged fans to respect his privacy while on tour, according to People.com. In a blog titled “Attention,” he wrote that “efforts by some fans to find our hotel rooms, call… Read more »

On The Set Of David Cook’s ‘Light On’ Video

By Matt Elias L.A. Valley College’s football stadium was the home field for “American Idol” winner David Cook’s video, “Light On.” We spent the night on the 50-yard line as David shot his first video from his upcoming self-titled album, due out November 18. Although he looked like he’d been doing it for years, David… Read more »

Decoding ‘American Idol’ Winner David Cook’s Song Titles

We’re not going to pretend we know what goes on in “American Idol” season-seven winner David Cook‘s swirly little head. But a peep at some of the song titles on his upcoming self-titled debut, due November 18, definitely made us say, “Huh?” (But first, a caveat: We have not heard the album at all.) The… Read more »

‘American Idol’ Winner David Cook Chops It Up With Green Day Producer

Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Eric Clapton … David Cook? That’s what Grammy-winning producer Rob Cavallo’s résumé will look like soon. The man who helped make American Idiot and The Black Parade modern classics is dipping his toes into the “American Idol” pool, signaling one of two things: Either Cook is the real deal, or,… Read more »

For The Record: Shakira, David Cook, Heidi Montag & More

· Despite the recent departure of the man who started the whole mega-deal trend at Live Nation, it looks like Shakira may be the next artist to sign a multimillion-dollar pact with the touring giant. Reports say a deal worth a potential $70 million for the Latin star’s touring, merchandising and recording could be wrapped… Read more »

For The Record: U2, R. Kelly, David Cook, Amy Winehouse & More

· You rarely get a chance to own some of U2’s castoffs, but the band is selling a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting they collectively own, which has hung in their Dublin studio for nearly 20 years. Oh, and it’ll cost you somewhere between $8 million and $12 million. · While most people are trying to figure… Read more »

For The Record: Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, David Cook & More

· This is reportedly the second of three videos Kanye West shot for “Flashing Lights.” We don’t get this one either. · Oops, she did it again: more sorta provocative pictures of Miley Cyrus, these reportedly sent to her ex, Nick Jonas. · American Idol David Cook’s first single, “The Time of My Life,” was… Read more »