Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton Join Forces For Rally In New Hampshire

By Matt Harper As I write this, rain is pouring down on Western New Hampshire. But this torrential downpour held off for a few hours this afternoon so that a historic union could take place in the sleepy town of Unity, New Hampshire. Of course, I’m talking about of the joint appearance of Senator Hillary… Read more »

Hillary Clinton’s Speech In New York Ignites Girl Power

Our Choose or Lose Street Team ’08 honcho, Liz Nord, was at Hillary’s big event last night with lots and lots of other women. She filed this report from the scene. NEW YORK — This has been a contentious primary season for the Democrats, but there’s one thing everyone agrees on: Many new and formerly… Read more »

Hillary Clinton Now Has Puerto Rico, Nomination in the Bag

MTV News is now calling the American Commonwealth of Puerto Rico for Senator Hillary Clinton! But wait…the election there isn’t June 1st, so why are we so confident she’ll win? Because Ricky Martin endorsed her, that’s why. See, Puerto Ricans (like Mr. Martin) can vote in party primaries but not in the November elections, since… Read more »

Jack Nicholson Has Nowhere To Be, Talks Hillary Clinton Campaign Ad

So Josh Horowitz, over at the MTV Movies Blog, has struck up this odd, phone-only friendship with one Jack Nicholson. Well, “friendship,” being a loose term, but in the last couple of months they’ve talked on the phone a couple of times, but not in your standard journalist/subject “interview” format. Long, rambling phone conversations about… Read more »

Hillary Clinton Supporters Jump For Joy At NH Headquarters

They just called it! Many thought it wouldn’t happen, but it did: Hillary Clinton has won the New Hampshire Democratic primary. The atmosphere here at the Hillary Clinton HQ in Manchester has gone from calm, quiet confidence to total elation, with hugs, smiles and high-fives all around the room. Not even those on the outskirts… Read more »

Hillary Clinton Grants Us Exclusive Interview

It’s a beautiful day here in New Hampshire. It’s slightly warmer than yesterday, and the sun is out in the snow-covered state capital of Concord, where about a hundred people gathered to see Senator Hillary Clinton make an appearance at the local polling station, her last event before tonight. The objective was clear: get an… Read more »

Why Ryan Seacrest Is A Terrible Choice To Replace Matt Lauer On The ‘Today’ Show

News broke today that Ryan Seacrest is the top choice to replace Matt Lauer on the “Today” show. This is a terrible idea for a variety of reasons. The Wall Street Journal reports that Seacrest met with NBC executives, including “Today” show executive producer Jim Bell, NBC News President Steve Capus and Lauren Kapp, NBC’s…

If Justin Bieber Loves ‘Beavis & Butt-Head,’ He Should Watch More Great MTV Animation

On Wednesday afternoon (February 2), two amazing worlds collided. Following the announcement (care of the cast of “Skins”) that legendary animated duo “Beavis and Butt-head” would be returning to the MTV airwaves some time this summer, Justin Bieber took to his Twitter feed to share his excitement with the rest of the world. “Solid day… Read more »

Barack Obama, Mikhail Gorbachev And Six Other Unusual Grammy Winners

This Sunday, the Grammy Awards will be given out for the 52nd time. Over their lifespan, nearly 8,000 tiny Victrolas have been given out to all manner of artists. This weekend’s show is one of the more youth-driven and star-studded in recent memory, with Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Dave Matthews Band and the Black… Read more »

Muse Aren’t First Band To Tell A Conservative To Back Off

Muse really, really want to make it big in America. I mean, this a group whose singer/guitarist Matthew Bellamy recently told Spin magazine, “We’d like to be remembered amongst the best bands in the history of rock. It’s necessary to have sustained success in this country for that to happen.” But the British band doesn’t… Read more »