Senator Jim Webb of Virginia Won’t Say No to VP Slot

show|null|video|228895 It’s a little early to start making veep predictions, but here are a few things we already know: 1. John McCain is old and needs a young running mate. 2. Everyone wants Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama — except for, well, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. 3. Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia would add (swift)boatloads of… Read more »

For The Record: Steve-O, Vanessa Hudgens, Beyonce & More

· Steve-O is back in the “looney bin,” according to his MySpace blog. In March, the “Jackass” star checked into rehab and has been sober for 115 days. But being clean hasn’t completely cured him of his mood swings and severe depression, which he said led him to back to a mental institution. Steve-O posted… Read more »

New Version of the GI Bill Passed By the Senate — Without McCain’s Support

Progress for vets around the country: the Senate just passed that new GI Bill we’ve been telling you about! Things got exciting (um, by Congressional standards) in the Senate this morning as a bunch of Republicans switched their votes to YES at the last minute. Sen. Jim Webb‘s plan to increase the amount of money… Read more »

The Current State of the GI Bill Ticks Us Off

This is from cameraman extraordinaire Brendan Kennedy, fresh from a shoot with former Secretary of State Colin Powell: This morning I woke up at six and got all gussied up to shoot a speech given by Colin Powell. To be more precise, I’ve been working on a segment about the GI Bill, which, if you… Read more »