John McCain Countersues Jackson Browne Over ‘Running On Empty’ And Free Speech

John McCain had better be planning on using instrumental music from the 19th century for his next Senate seat run. After a lawsuit he filed against singer/songwriter Jackson Browne in the U.S. District Court in California this week, he’ll probably alienate any musicians who haven’t already asked him to stop using their songs during his… Read more »

Inside John McCain’s $685 Buffet

Given that it’s only 1:30 p.m. here in Arizona and the first polls don’t close for another two and half hours, there’s plenty of downtime at McCain HQ, which means it’s perfectly acceptable to have some lunch. Luckily, the Republican National Committee was kind enough to lay out an impressive spread for the assembled media,… Read more »

John McCain Invites The Media To Stay On His Lawn

We’ve made it past miles of manicured lawns, golf courses and gated mansions to the epicenter of the McCain-iverse, the Arizona Biltmore, where in a few hours (or you know, like, 10), Mac will deliver a speech that’s either gonna be a real barnburner or a certified bummer. McCain will deliver this speech on the… Read more »

Who’s Funnier — Barack Obama Or John McCain?

In just over two weeks, one of the two men vying for our nation’s highest office will be out of a job. One will get ready to move into the White House, and one will head home — or to one of his seven homes. Sure, the loser will still have a gig in the… Read more »

Did Barack Obama Or John McCain Win The Final Presidential Debate? Tell Us!

Oh, yes they did. Senator John McCain finally brought up the William Ayers question. Senator Barack Obama called out McCain’s supporters for threatening him during McCain’s rallies. And both men made the case for the real star of Wednesday night’s final presidential debate: some guy named “Joe the Plumber,” who seems to have replaced “Joe… Read more »

Kenna, David Banner, Bun B Live-Blog John McCain’s Acceptance Speech

Like many Americans, artists such as Kenna, David Banner, Bun B and others are tuned in to the Republican National Convention tonight, watching John McCain officially accept his party’s nomination as its candidate for president. Read their thoughts in real time throughout tonight’s speech: Kenna, 10:09 p.m. ET: McCain is a true patriot. Mad respect… Read more »

Van Halen None Too Thrilled About John McCain Using ‘Right Now’

Friday morning, minutes before presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain revealed Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, he strutted out onto a stage in Dayton, Ohio, where 15,000 supporters had gathered for a rally the day after Senator Barack Obama made history during his DNC-closing address, with Van Halen’s inspirational 1991 track “Right… Read more »

Daddy Yankee Endorses John McCain — Too Bad He Can’t Vote For Him!

For months now — really, it feels like years — we’ve been bringing you story after story of celebrities endorsing Barack Obama, whether it’s Jay-Z; Soulja Boy Tell’em; Big Boi, Mary J. Blige and John Legend; or just about everybody else. Finally, we have some good news for John McCain: Reggaeton king Daddy Yankee is… Read more »

Barack Obama’s And John McCain’s Independence Day Messages Supporting Our Troops

by Rya Backer Independence Day offers Americans a long weekend, fireworks and summer fun — but it’s important to remember what the holiday actually stands for: the freedom provided to us by generations of men and women who have fought for our rights. show|null|video|254706 Almost 70 percent of young Americans know someone fighting in either… Read more »