John Norris Remembers His Day At Neverland With Michael Jackson

Back in 1993, MTV hosted a contest called My Weekend at Michael’s Neverland Valley Contest. As a part of the contest, MTV News’ John Norris was sent out to Neverland to cover the revealing of the grand-prize winner. Here is his account of what it was like on the grounds of Neverland and working with… Read more »

John Norris Looks At How Far The ‘TRL’ Family Has Come

Overwhelming. I don’t know any word that better sums up what Sunday night was like. I have almost 20 years’ worth of live MTV events — VMAs, New Year’s Eves, Grammy preshows, election nights — to treasure. And yet “Total Finale Live” has to rank up there with the best of them. I think that… Read more »

Titus Andronicus Sign With XL; John Norris Smiles

So my smile of the day came with the news that Titus Andronicus — that terrifically tortured band, the pride of Glen Rock, New Jersey — have landed a deal with indie heavyweight XL, the folks who bring you Vampire Weekend, Sigur Rós, and a little album called In Rainbows from Radiohead, among others. XL… Read more »

A Walk Through New York’s East Village With The Virgins, By John Norris

I’ve gotten so used to “New York band” being synonymous with “Brooklyn band” these days that it’s almost jarring to meet a group that’s kept itself planted in Manhattan. “I tried to get an apartment in Williamsburg once,” admits Virgins frontman Donald Cumming, “but this is home, man.” And unlike so many of those bands… Read more »

John Norris Goes In Search Of Vegan Burritos (Or Anything) At Lollapalooza

This place needs its own zip code. Really. It’s been a few years since I was at Lollapalooza, but this place qualifies as a small town within one of America’s biggest cities. Took a full half hour to walk the length of Grant Park this afternoon. Began the day with two sets from very different… Read more »

Madonna Chews Out John Norris For ‘Not Paying Attention!’

show|null|video|231247 Earlier, we visited a behind-the-scenes clip from John Norris’s exclusive interview with Madonna and Justin Timberlake backstage after their recent Roseland show. Well, there’s more… We couldn’t resist sharing this with you: John getting schooled by the Queen of Pop. Ever the dutiful journalist, John refuses to give up on his line of questioning… Read more »

On Michael Stipe, Obama and Paris – John Norris Checks In

I just got back from Paris Tuesday night, and didn’t find out ’til yesterday how breathlessly some press outlets in this country (both of the old and new school variety) were jumping on the recent “revelation” in Spin magazine that REM’s Michael Stipe is in fact, gay. Never mind that he said as much seven… Read more »

The Atlantic Paradox: American Artists Who Are Bigger In The UK Than At Home

show||video|627854| By Sterling Wong America and Britain have historically enjoyed a special relationship that was forged by Churchill and Roosevelt during World War II, and this even extends to the realm of music. George Bernard Shaw once famously remarked, “England and America are two countries separated by a common language,” and the language he was… Read more »

A.J. McLean Discusses His Famous ‘TRL’ Rehab Announcement

In July 2001, four of the five members of the Backstreet Boys appeared on “TRL” to make the announcement that their fifth member, A.J. McLean, would soon be entering a rehab facility. It was a pivotal moment in the band’s history and it was a shocking moment for fans of the chart-topping pop group. While… Read more »