Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Invites Neil Diamond, Snubs LL Cool J

With any hall of fame, there are always going to be arguments about who belongs in and who doesn’t, and there will typically be outrage about people who have been overlooked. Every hall of fame has its mysterious choices (baseball has Phil Rizzuto and Jim Rice, basketball has Adrian Dantley, football has Rickey Jackson), but… Read more »

Tiger Woods’ Return To The Masters Requires LL Cool J And Panic! At The Disco

After a seemingly endless absence from golf (and from the public spotlight in general), Tiger Woods has returned to the game that made him into one of the most recognizable celebrities on the planet. The Masters, one of golf’s crown jewels, kicks off on Thursday (April 8), but Woods hit the links today for a… Read more »

Ludacris Pops Champagne With T-Pain, LL Cool J, More At Record-Release Show

With all the love the New York crowd at the Highline Ballroom was giving last night, leave it to Ludacris to start off his show with “Everybody Hates Chris.” He has a big sense of humor, if you haven’t noticed. The Atlanta MC had the release party for Theater of the Mind, which culminated in… Read more »

LL Cool J: It Might Be ‘Sesame Street’…But It’s Still THE STREET!

Ok, ok, ok…I’m tempted to make some half-hearted joke about LL Cool J and his penchant for smacking his lips (for serious, that dude is constantly licking, puckering, and smacking his lips – pause – during interviews) and the way it makes him look like a Muppet but I just don’t have it in me… Read more »

LL Cool J: The De Niro Of Hip-Hop

First, I wanted to say thanks to all of you for your comments on the interview with LL. I appreciate it. Like I said, that was just a snippet of the conversation, and I’ll have the best bits of the interview coming soon. Second, I thought you guys might like to see this as well…. Read more »

LL Cool J Talks About His New Album, Issues With Jay-Z

At the end of last week I got a phone call from LL Cool J and his manager, the lovely Claudine, telling me that he was spending his Friday night down at New York’s legendary Chung King Studios laying down the final touches to his latest album, Exit 13 — and would I like to… Read more »