Soulja Boy’s $55 Million Jet And Other Toys Of The Rich And Famous

Yesterday was Soulja Boy’s 21st birthday, and in honor of the milestone, the rapper decided to get himself something nice. Very nice. TMZ reportedly spoke to a member of Soulja’s management team, who said the “Crank That” singer purchased a, ahem, $55 million private jet to celebrate the occasion. Well, the jet itself was only… Read more »

Soulja Boy’s Facebook Hacked, Fans See Forged Racist and Homophobic Rant

By Matt Goodhue First Tracy Morgan goes on an anti-gay rant at his stand-up show in Nashville, and now some Soulja Boy fans think the young rapper is homophobic and racist after several profanity-laced Facebook updates were posted to his account. Luckily for Soulja Boy, his shocking outburst wasn’t a reflection of the star’s actual… Read more »

Happy Birthday, Soulja Boy!

Under normal circumstances, we would suggest that you raise a glass to today’s birthday boy. Unfortunately, Soulja Boy is only 20, which means he’s still a year away from legally enjoying a celebratory glass of Cristal. But that shouldn’t stop him from enjoying his 20th birthday. It shouldn’t be difficult, as Soulja clearly knows how… Read more »

Soulja Boy Tell’em Hits The Studio With Chris Brown

Soulja Boy Tell’em has a new album coming out in November, and the details are starting to come together that could make it one of the hotter releases on the hip-hop calendar. Soulja has been keeping up a constant series of tweets narrating the development of his new album The DeAndre Way (which takes it’s… Read more »

Happy Birthday Soulja Boy: Wake-Up Video

Last night, the America’s Most Wanted tour kicked off in Scranton, Pennsylvania with blistering sets from Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Drake and the artist celebrating a birthday today: Soulja Boy. The man known on his tax returns as DeAndre Ramone Way was born today in 1990, making one of the most buzzed-about MCs in the… Read more »

Soulja Boy Tell’em Helps Tim Kash Kick Off MTV Movie Awards Week

I love the MTV Movie Awards. My first onscreen debut for MTV in the States was hosting the 2007 Movie Awards pre-show, so it kind of marks my anniversary here, and I’m thrilled to be back in Los Angeles for this year’s show. But before everything got started at the Gibson Amphitheatre, I took advantage… Read more »

Did You See This? Miley Cyrus, ‘American Idol,’ Soulja Boy And More!

By Kathleen Newman-Bremang and Talia Manzo Miley Cyrus hasn’t won an Oscar in her short career, but she has delivered an emotional acceptance speech. The teen queen tells MTV why she broke down at the Kids’ Choice Awards. Who’s your favorite “American Idol” hopeful? Can’t decide? Neither can Jordin Sparks! Jordin told MTV she’s still… Read more »

Soulja Boy Tell’Em Answers Fan Questions!

FROM BUZZWORTHY.MTV.COM: You asked, Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em answered! Watch Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em answer your Buzzworthy fan questions from the infamous MTV Studios green room, where he covered everything from the lines in his eyebrows (good question!!) to Barack Obama and Kanye West, the hater who inspired his “Yahhh!” single (thanks, dude, and no,… Read more »

You Ask, Soulja Boy Tells ‘Em

FROM BUZZWORTHY.MTV.COM: Have you ever wanted to ask Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em a question? Come on, sure you have. Don’t lie. You have tons of ideas burning inside you, waiting to escape and be hurled at the iced out rapper when Buzzworthy blog’s Tamar Anitai interviews him. So get those inquisitive minds working. But please,… Read more »

Soulja Boy Tell’em Cartoon Proves Rapper Has Just One Annoying Note

I love my “Class of 3000″ lunch box. And I loved the show, because frankly, Outkast’s Andre 3000 is already pretty much a living cartoon, with a voice and beats that sound like a DayGlo rubber ball being tossed into a giant vat of neon Silly Putty. Which brings me to the Soulja Boy Tell’em… Read more »