The French Pop Invasion Continues: M83, The Teenagers Revisited

If you’re just catching on to the existence of a new wave of French pop — made up of acts like Daft Punk, Justice, M83 and the Teenagers — you may have missed our earlier stories on these American-culture-loving musicians. Our resident Francophile John Norris talked to the filthy-mouthed Teenagers (while they noshed on hot… Read more »

The Teenagers Love Hot Dogs, High School Seniors, America

Manhattan’s swanky Palace Hotel normally serves as the “UES” HQ for the phenomenal “Gossip Girl” series. But this week it was home to another group of Teenagers: the French pop trio that apparently read the MTV News blog and decided to come Stateside just as the entire 29th floor was becoming obsessed with them at… Read more »

The Teenagers: Anatomy of a Buzz

Let’s be honest — plenty of times, new-band buzz builds from the outside and works its way into media outlets. Like that year everybody who went to SXSW was forced to see Bloc Party play about seventeen times. Or when the hype around Black Kids heated up so damned fast that the bloggy backlash had… Read more »

MTV News Does Not Give Enough Respect To Our On-Air Correspondents

John Norris is a well-loved on-air correspondent, great lover of indie rock, and longstanding key player in the MTV News team. But somehow, yesterday afternoon in the newsroom turned from e-chatter about the Teenagers’ new video into straight-up Norris-razzing. (We think John kind of ultimately prevailed…) Joseph Patel: Teenagers new video James Montgomery: Wow, I… Read more »

A Day in the Life of MTV News: From Tokio Hotel to Snoop

show|null|video|231243 Working at MTV News is always exhausting, often hilarious, sometimes crisis-inducing, and frequently surreal. As it was earlier this week, when on a single afternoon we played host to a slew of artists who have literally zip in common. We talked YouTube with Tokio Hotel, ate hot dogs with The Teenagers, and got all… Read more »

‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ Vs. ‘Iron Man': The Newsroom Showdown

With all the talk about “GTA IV” keeping people from leaving their homes long enough to see “Iron Man,” I thought I’d conduct an informal poll of some of the country’s savviest relatively young people: MTV News staffers. A quick survey found that six people are settling in for a weekend of gaming, three are… Read more »

‘Skins’ May Be the Filthy Alternative to ‘Gossip Girl’

MTV News shooter (and math rock aficionado) Brendan Kennedy had a heartfelt reaction to this week’s “Gossip Girl” season premiere — and it was a reaction full of haterade. You see, Brendan has discovered a British series that he’s convinced is far superior. Perhaps, even, the greatest small-screen drama of all time… Let me explain… Read more »