Usher’s BFF Obama And More: The Week In Instagrams

By Cory Midgarden What gave Cody Simpson this lizard-like tongue? “I had, like, five blue Warheads,” Simpson told MTV News. “After, like, three, I saw my tongue obviously started getting blue, and I was like, ‘I might as well have two more.’ ” Check out Cody Simpson’s sweet-and-sour story here! Although we don’t know the… Read more »

President Obama Strikes Again With Justin Bieber ‘Boyfriend’ Mashup


By Natasha Chandel We know President Barack Obama is seeking the youth vote, but we didn’t realize he would take on Justin Bieber to get it! That’s right, another video mash-up of the president has surfaced, and this time Obama is singing Bieb’s latest hit, “Boyfriend.” High off the viral video success of his mash-up… Read more »

President Obama Invites Young Hollywood Power Players To Breakfast

obama ian 2

President Barack Obama has always had a way with young people, and when it comes to his re-election bid, the POTUS is turning to young Hollywood to make sure it stays that way. The youth vote was key to the president’s election in 2008. He captured two thirds of voters under the age of 30… Read more »

Amanda Bynes Would Like President Obama To Get Her Out of Her DUI

Amanda Bynes pic

Because he doesn’t have enough to do as leader of the free world, actress Amanda Bynes would like President Obama to step in and rescue her from DUI charges. The actress was arrested in Los Angeles in the early morning hours of April 6 on suspicion of misdemeanor driving under the influence after reportedly getting… Read more »

Watch President Obama’s Cover Of Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe’


We know you love Carly Rae Jepsen‘s “Call Me Maybe,” but you know what would make it even better? If Al Green-covering sensation President Barack Obama decided to cover the infectious hit. Well, your wish has been granted … kind of. Our buddies over at MTV Act partnered with BaracksDubs, aka Fadi Saleh, the 19-year… Read more »

Pink Cancels Performance At Obama Fundraiser As Hospital Stay Continues

Pink Bday Cake

Pink is having a rough week. The Grammy winner has been in the hospital, suffering from what she first announced was the stomach flu, though a recent tweet suggests she is now having problems with her gall bladder. The hospital stay has sadly put a damper on the singer’s plans to perform at a fundraising… Read more »

President Obama Sings Again!

By Uptin Saiidi (@uptin) At this rate, we might see an added concert element to President Obama’s re-election tour this year. Last night in the East Room of the White House, the Commander-In-Chief sang “Sweet Home Chicago” during a blues performance filming for PBS. “In Performance at the White House” will air on Monday night… Read more »

First Lady Michelle Obama Says The President ‘Sings All The Time’

During a January 19 fundraiser at New York’s Apollo Theater, President Barack Obama caused a sensation when he launched into a brief, spontaneous a cappella take on Al Green’s classic “Let’s Stay Together” that set the Internet on fire. Not only did his campaign take the clip and turn it into a ringtone, but all… Read more »

President Obama’s Reelection Campaign Turns His Al Green Solo Into a Ringtone

President Obama’s campaigners have always had their finger on the pulse of America’s young people. Just check out that “wish list” of celebrities they hoped would publicly endorse and campaign on behalf of the POTUS; all of the cool kids are there, including Jay-Z, Vampire Weekend, Janelle Monáe, Neil Patrick Harris, Anne Hathaway, Jack Johnson,… Read more »

Possible Tweets From Michelle Obama’s New Twitter Account

By Uptin Saiidi Michelle Obama might be turning 48 next week, but her Twitter presence is brand new. The First Lady joined Twitter today, and now that she’ll be tweeting we thought it’d be fun to predict some hypothetical tweets we could possibly look forward to. Before you get too excited though, you should know… Read more »