Jay-Z, Diddy, Other Celebs Asked To Stay Away From Obama Rally

The Obama campaign has reportedly asked some of his famous supporters stay away from his rally Tuesday night in Chicago’s Grant Park, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Although the campaign is reportedly grateful for the high-profile support, several prominent celebs have reportedly been asked “politely but very firmly” to skip the rally and focus on… Read more »

Obama Vs. McCain: Who Do You Want On Your Fantasy Sports Team?

By Nicole Guanlao It doesn’t matter which teams are playing. Millions of people tune in to “Monday Night Football” every week for that one matchup because they love the game. What better way to reach those Americans — all the “Joe Six-Packs” and “Joe the Plumbers,” not to mention many females — than by getting… Read more »

Sway Says No Interview Has Topped His Campaign-Trail Talks With Barack Obama

Last time I spoke with Senator Barack Obama in Greensboro, North Carolina, right after the first presidential debate, I wrote afterward that it felt like I was talking to an “everyday citizen.” Now that I’ve talked to him again, this time just outside Las Vegas, I believe that’s even more true. He comes off like… Read more »

What Are You Waiting For? Upload Your Question For Barack Obama Now

Did you hear that we’re talking to Barack Obama on Saturday? Well, actually, you’re talking to him. You can upload your video or written questions to YouRHere.MTV.com, we’ll take the best ones to Senator Obama, and we’ll broadcast his answers on air next week. But that’s not all — be sure to check your e-mail… Read more »

Obama Finally Makes His Lollapalooza Appearance … On Election Night

Kanye West, Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead … Senator Barack Obama? The Democratic presidential candidate has booked the same area in Chicago’s Grant Park that hosts several of the stages at the annual Lollapalooza festival, and if early estimates hold, the crowd in his hometown on the evening of November 4 could best the… Read more »

Who’s Funnier — Barack Obama Or John McCain?

In just over two weeks, one of the two men vying for our nation’s highest office will be out of a job. One will get ready to move into the White House, and one will head home — or to one of his seven homes. Sure, the loser will still have a gig in the… Read more »

Did Barack Obama Or John McCain Win The Final Presidential Debate? Tell Us!

Oh, yes they did. Senator John McCain finally brought up the William Ayers question. Senator Barack Obama called out McCain’s supporters for threatening him during McCain’s rallies. And both men made the case for the real star of Wednesday night’s final presidential debate: some guy named “Joe the Plumber,” who seems to have replaced “Joe… Read more »

Shepard Fairey And Other Street Artists Go Mainstream For Barack Obama

By Joseph Patel Whether you’re a Republican, Democrat or Independent, there’s no denying that one of the most ubiquitous images to emerge from the 2008 presidential campaign is the red, white and blue Barack Obama “Hope” poster. Created by one-time street artist Shepard Fairey, the poster features an austere portrait of Obama, manifest in a… Read more »

Wyclef Jean, Jay-Z And Bruce Springsteen Add To Pro-Obama Shows

Wyclef Jean announced on Thursday that he’s joining the bill for Jay-Z‘s “Last Chance for Change” free voter-registration concert in Miami’s Bayfront Park Amphitheater this Sunday. The show, hosted by Obama for America, will encourage young attendees to get involved with the Obama campaign. Jean will not be on the bill the previous night at… Read more »

Obama/McCain Is The Most Fun Election Ever, Thanks To YouTube …

By Dave Romanski It’s October, and if we’re being perfectly honest, despite the economy collapsing, despite the mortgage crisis and the war and all the issues facing the country right now, we have to admit this is the most fun election ever. And one source is responsible for a lot of that fun: YouTube. Remember… Read more »