Amy Winehouse Hospitalized For Chest Infection

Another weekend, another trip to the ER for Amy Winehouse. According to British press reports, the fragile singer was rushed to a hospital Saturday night after doctors visiting her at home on Thursday became concerned that her condition had deteriorated. The singer’s British spokesperson, Chris Goodman, confirmed today that Winehouse had “gone for some checkups,”… Read more »

Amy Winehouse’s Dad Claims Her Drink Was Spiked

Though Amy Winehouse has been caught on tape (more than once) appearing to ingest hard drugs, her father said on Tuesday that he believes his daughter’s trip to the emergency room on Monday was a result of a friend spiking the 24-year-old singer’s drink with ecstasy. According to that bastion of British journalism, The Sun,… Read more »

Amy Winehouse Discharged After Hospital Trip

The “Rehab” singer is back home after spending a night at London’s University College Hospital following an adverse reaction to some medication. Her reps say she “had a bit of a scare” but is now at home having a “rest,” which in her world is a relative term. Check out the full story here.

For The Record: Wilco, Amy Winehouse, Slipknot & More

· We’ve already heard Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama give props to Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and Bob Dylan. But Obama got all indie over the weekend, when he attended a Chicago fundraiser and tipped his hat to Wilco‘s Jeff Tweedy. · There’s no stopping it now. Jessica Simpson‘s country album is due out September… Read more »

For The Record: Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse, The Flaming Lips & More

· On Wednesday, cameras finally rolled on Britney Spears’ video shoot for Madonna’s tour. In the clip, Brit, clad in a gray hoodie, walks into an elevator and nervously paces as it begins its ascent. She then kicks and smacks the elevator walls, screams into the camera and pulls down her hood to yell, “It’s… Read more »

For The Record: Amy Winehouse, DMX, Beck & More

· The jury’s still out on what Amy Winehouse‘s early-stage emphysema diagnosis means, but it’s still shocking that the singer was apparently photographed smoking on Monday after her dad revealed that she might be suffering from the deadly lung disease.   · He’s been caught impersonating a federal agent and busting through a security gate,… Read more »