Kanye West Interrupts Barack Obama In VMA Mashup

The public discourse has been all about interruptions lately. Just last week, President Barack Obama was delivering a speech about health care to a joint session of Congress when a heckler called out “You lie!” while he was attempting to debunk the myths created around health care reform. It was later revealed that the shout… Read more »

Tom Morello: Guitarist, Activist, Barack Obama Soundalike?

FROM BUZZWORTHY: Is it just me or does Tom Morello have the same voice as Barack Obama? I had to watch Street Sweeper Social Club’s interview twice because the first time I was so distracted by his presidential tone that I pretty much couldn’t concentrate on anything he said. The Rage Against The Machine /… Read more »

President Obama Comes Out Against Flies

Today will be a big day for Barack Obama: he is set to reveal his plan to restructure banking regulation and he will also approve health care and other benefits for the same-sex partners of federal employees. Those are bold pieces of policy, but the President’s most definitive move in the past 24 hours was… Read more »

Jamie Foxx Busts Out Impressions Of Ray Charles, Obama At Apollo Theater Gala

By Rya Backer Last night, Harlem’s historic Apollo Theater celebrated its 75th birthday — in a big way. Among the stars who graced the stage (and presumably rubbed the lucky tree stump before addressing the crowd) to celebrate and raise money for the hallowed hall included Prince, Mariah Carey, Steve Harvey and Bill Cosby (who… Read more »

Stephen Colbert Ordered By Obama To Get Head Shaved During ‘Report’ Visit To Iraq

By Eric Ditzian After much hype — most of it joyfully, shamelessly self-created — Stephen Colbert touched down inside Iraq for the start of a week’s worth of shows live from one Saddam Hussein’s former palaces. Monday night’s pre-taped episode of “The Colbert Report” showcased the host at his bloviating best, heartily congratulating himself for… Read more »

Obama On Torture: A Slippery Slope, By Kim Stolz

From FoxNews.com: Once again, President Barack Obama’s campaign promises and statements about “changing Washington” have come back to haunt him. The young, vibrant candidate who stole Iowa from Hillary and took the presidency by storm with exclamations of “hope” and “Yes We Can”s is now in the hot seat and realizing that revamping a centuries-old… Read more »

It’ll Take President Obama More Than 100 Days, By Kim Stolz

FROM THE HUFFINGTON POST: President Obama is nearing the end of his “First 100 Days.” While important policy decisions, both foreign and domestic, are at hand, the president and his team must also think hard and be cautious of what kind of “personality” the White House will be perceived to have by everyone watching. Every… Read more »

Sway Joins NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg In Answering Obama’s Call For Service

Throughout the campaign and his months in the oval office, President Barack Obama has made service a top priority. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg followed Obama’s lead today with his NYC Service event, and I was honored to be asked to serve as his co-host. Mayor Bloomberg wants New York to be the nation’s capital… Read more »

Michelle Obama’s Top-Five Outfits From The First Couple’s European Trip

By Kathleen Newman-Bremang Barack who? The coverage of the president’s first overseas trip has been all about Michelle Obama. The always-fashionable first lady’s bold wardrobe choices are causing a media blitz and taking us back to the days of Jackie Kennedy. Mrs. O’s J.Crew style has become breaking news. Headlines now read: “Michelle Obama Wears… Read more »