President Barack Obama Probably Not Going To Pass A Puff-Puff-Give Initiative

By Rya Backer President Barack Obama had an online town-hall meeting today, during which a wealth of causes and dilemmas alike were discussed, namely many of the issues that had been discussed during Tuesday’s televised press conference. However, what made the event unique was that anyone was welcome to ask a question — a liberty… Read more »

Headlines Of The Day: Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, President Obama And More

By Rya Backer Yesterday was a slowish news day, but oh — how we’ve been compensating all day! show|null|video|358631 Looks like Rihanna might have helped create a new law — find out what “Rihanna’s Law” could entail. Kelly Clarkson’s album is #1 again! The “Twilight” soundtrack climbed back to #2! But who were this week’s… Read more »

Headlines Of The Day: Rihanna And Chris Brown, Obama On ‘Late Night’ And More

By Rya Backer Hello, Newsroom blog readers! Today’s HOTD offers up a range of stories — some happy, some… well… that are total downers. has released a PSA that re-enacts the alleged altercation between Chris Brown and Rihanna. Disturbing! President Obama reached out to the country in a different way last night: by appearing… Read more »

President Obama Compares Washington, D.C. To ‘American Idol’

President Barack Obama’s appearance on “The Tonight Show” Thursday was memorable for many reasons, including the way he compared life in Washington, D.C. to being on “American Idol” — with everyone being Simon! LENO: Now it’s only [been], what, 59 days now, right? MR. OBAMA: Yes, 59 days. MR. LENO: And so much scrutiny. Is… Read more »

Need Help On Your NCAA Bracket? Barack Obama And Lil Wayne Have Your Back!

By Nick Neofitidis I can hear my man Dicky V. now: “Oh, baby, what a play!” “Unbelievable, baby!” Makes my heart ache and my soul illuminate. That’s right, kids: It’s NCAA March Madness time! The tourney started today at 12:20 p.m. ET, and we here at MTV News are ready to go. We have submitted… Read more »

Is President Obama Painting Himself Into A Corner By Setting Iraq Deadline?

During his address to Congress last night, President Barack Obama focused on the state of the economy, bringing a young and energetic voice to an otherwise grim situation. While he came off stern and concerned, the president offered uplifting statements as well, saying, “We will rebuild,” and arguing the potential success of the $787 billion… Read more »

Is President Barack Obama Growing A Mustache?

Last night, while millions of Americans listened intently to Barack Obama’s plan for lasting prosperity, I, too, sat transfixed. But not so much by his words, exceptional though they were. Rather, I was fascinated by the situation that’s apparently developing on his upper lip. Now, it might’ve been due to the HD set I was… Read more »

Sway Talks Grammys And Obamas With President Clinton

I had a chance to sit down with another president — Bill Clinton. When I walked into his Harlem office, Bill said, “Hey, man, how are you doing?” It was like we were old pals! The former commander in chief was in great spirits. He always seems to be in storytelling mode if you can… Read more »

If Shrek Can Have His Own Musical, Why Can’t President Obama?

By Garth Bardsley If you just can’t bear to wait any longer for Bono’s “Spider-Man” musical — and who can, really? — maybe this will have to do: A small theater in London is currently rehearsing a brand-new show about the man John McCain called “the biggest celebrity in the world.” “Obama on My Mind”… Read more »

Kim Stolz Asks President Obama: No More Scandals, Please!

MTV News on-air correspondent also blogs for The Huffington Post. Check out her latest blog here … FROM HUFFINGTONPOST.COM: Well, it’s been about 15 days since the inauguration, and the “appointing” process has already seen a few slip-ups. They aren’t scandals on any grandiose scale, but for a President who spent his campaign focusing on… Read more »