President Obama Was Not Making Fun Of Jessica Simpson’s Weight, By Kim Stolz

In a pre-Super Bowl interview with President Obama, Matt Lauer pointed out that the new president was “[taken] out of Us Weekly‘s cover shot of his wife and daughters in order to make room for last week’s hot topic, which was Jessica Simpson’s weight. In reaction, Obama dryly commented on Jessica being “in a weight… Read more »

Obama’s White House Deserves A Record Collection For The MTV Generation

By Rachel Josue One of the perks of becoming president is gaining access to a rather impressive record collection. According to Rolling Stone, the collection hasn’t been touched since 1979, when producer John Hammond commissioned an update to the compilation of musical works for the Carter administration. By the time the additions were presented to… Read more »

Is President Obama Eliminating Snow Days In D.C.?

We’ve all heard about Barack Obama’s first 100 days. He’s going to commence his grand plan to fix our economy (a $819 billion economic stimulus plan passed in the House yesterday). He also plans to hike taxes for those making more than $250,000 a year (including himself), along with a new energy policy, a revamping… Read more »

Pete Wentz Compares President Barack Obama To, Uh, Lauryn Hill

There’s no end to the comparisons being made between President Barack Obama and various historical and political figures, from the statesmanship of Lincoln and Washington and the charisma of Kennedy to the youth and charm of Clinton. But leave it to neophyte political columnist Pete Wentz to really nail the essence of Obama: his similarity… Read more »

Barack Obama Action Figure Is Here To Save The Day

By Nick Neofitidis Growing up, I used to have my fleet of Transformers piled high on shelves and in toy chests all over my room. My little brother had GI Joes, about 3 million of them. My youngest brother rocked something called a “Pokémon,” ugly looking little critters. Children of this generation however, get bragging… Read more »

Sway Reflects On The Inauguration … And Barack Obama’s Love For Jay-Z

When MTV News’ Sway headed down to Washington, D.C., for the inauguration, he was expecting it to be one giant party. And while it certainly was for some, he didn’t do much besides rehearse for his gig as the MC of MTV’s “Be the Change” Youth Inaugural Ball. Matter of fact, he didn’t really leave… Read more »

When Fall Out Boy Met President Barack Obama …

Fall Out Boy spent inauguration day scaling trees and performing alongside Kanye West and Kid Rock at President Obama’s Youth Ball, but out of 24 very hectic hours, there are three minutes that definitely stand out from the rest: when they got to meet Obama himself. Even if they don’t exactly remember how the whole… Read more »

Miley Cyrus And Nick Jonas Reunite — Thanks To The Obamas!

Dear First Family: First off, congrats! This is truly a historic occasion. We wish you all the best as you embark on this challenging and exciting time in American history. I’m sure it will be interesting for all of us as Americans. But next, we have to thank you for giving us an equally historic… Read more »