Volunteers Build A House To Celebrate Obama’s Inauguration

By Akshay Bhansali It’s clear. The pulse of Chalmette, Louisiana, is racing today. Yes, the fervor of a new era in American politics certainly kick-started things Tuesday. The president’s sermon whipped many into a frenzy. But there is an added electricity in the air: Word of mouth has spread through St. Bernard Parish, from Arabi… Read more »

What Do You Think Of Michelle Obama’s Inaugural Ball Gown?

By Sabrina Rojas Weiss Dear Michelle, People have been speculating since November about what you’d be wearing to the inaugural balls tonight — and not just because it’s a traditional thing to talk about, but because you’re obviously a very stylish woman. And we ladies with curves are eager to follow your lead when it… Read more »

President Barack Obama Proves ‘Hope’ Is More Than Just A Slogan

I wasn’t in Iowa on that cold, bright morning in January of last year when President Barack Obama made his first improbable step to the White House. I watched from home, and like a lot of people, I was shocked that this freshman senator was able to pull off such an audacious feat against a… Read more »

Millions Unite In D.C. (Including Us!) To See Barack Obama Make History

WASHINGTON, D.C. — It was just incredible: Millions of people gathered in one spot, waiting on one man. Travelers from across the globe stood for miles wanting to be a piece of Barack Obama history. Walking to the National Mall around 9 a.m. was relatively comfortable. At that point, thousands upon thousands were already in… Read more »

When Jay-Z Met Barack Obama …

By Jayson Rodriguez, with reporting by Sway J. Calloway Jay-Z is a self-made man, and he recognizes that President Barack Obama is one too. Back in the day, Hov was told he couldn’t get a recording contract, so he started his own record company to sign himself. Similarly, Obama was told he needed more seasoning before trying his hand at… Read more »

Barack Obama’s Inauguration Unites Times Square — And Bjork

By Rya Backer and Nicole Guanlao We don’t know if you heard, but we kind of got a new president today. And like all exciting things, we decided to take our joy out into the streets. So, at around 11:30, we (Nicole, executive assistant, and Rya, production assistant) took to our front yard in Times… Read more »

Sundance Film Festival Spontaneously Stops For Obama’s Inauguration

FROM MOVIES BLOG: While it wasn’t like the National Mall, Main Street here in Park City was still filled with people watching giant screens tuned to the inauguration ceremony. The Sundance Film Festival unofficially paused this morning for about an hour, when President Barack Obama took his oath and spoke to America for the first… Read more »

Michelle Obama’s Outfit: What Was She Wearing At The Inauguration?

While most people were talking about Barack Obama’s historic inauguration, every fashionista was asking just what the first lady, Michelle Obama, was wearing at the inauguration. According to New York magazine’s blog, Michelle chose a yellow dress with silver overlay, some embellishment on the neckline and matching jacket. The designer is Isabel Toledo. The dress,… Read more »

We’re Live-Blogging Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration!

By Erica Anderson, Gil Kaufman and Sarah Maslin Nir Washington, D.C., has seen many inaugurations, but Barack Obama’s is by far the biggest to date. The city is expecting 1 to 2 million people for the swearing-in ceremony for the 44th president (head here for the day’s schedule), and we’ve got reporters on the ground,… Read more »

Nick Cannon Wants To Be Barack Obama’s ‘Official White House DJ’

WASHINGTON, D.C. — As if Nick Cannon isn’t busy enough (he’s working on his first comedy album, by the way), the multi-hyphenate told us tonight at the Hip-Hop Inaugural Ball that he’s lobbying for a cabinet position in the new Obama administration: official White House DJ. Cannon — who manned the 1’s and 2’s for… Read more »