Obama Has Arrived

Washington, D.C. It felt so good to wake up this morning and put on T-shirt that read “The Good NEW Days.” It’s a sentiment that myself and it seems like the rest of the world felt since election day. Barack Obama had arrived. Almost as soon as he was announced the winner, a heavy weight… Read more »

Obama’s Inauguration Speech: Our Rough Draft

Have you always wanted to pen a presidential speech? Do you think the White House transition team lost your résumé? If you’re still angling for the job, we found a way for you to catch the eye of the president’s team: Atom.com has a fun little feature called the “Inauguration Speech Generator.” “A grassroots Internet… Read more »

What Will Michelle Obama Wear On Inauguration Night?

Sure, President-elect Barack Obama may know what he’s going to wear on inauguration night, but the big question on everyone’s mind is what will his fashionista wife Michelle Obama be wearing? Of course, many have compared our next first lady to the most famous of fashionista first ladies, Jackie O, so designers are clamoring to… Read more »

Why Didn’t Barack Obama Make Our Men Of The Year List?

OK, so by now you’ve read our Men of the Year list, and you’re probably asking (Shouting? Or is that only reserved for Britney Spears fans?): “Where’s Barack?!?” And we don’t blame you … there’s really no reason he shouldn’t have been on our list — probably at the top — but allow us to… Read more »

Shakira To Play Barack Obama’s Inauguration? The Guessing Game Continues

It seems like everyone wants to get in on President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony in January. Can we add Shakira to the growing list of celebrities offering their services for January 20 in Washington D.C.? (MTV is in on it too: We’ll be hosting our own event, the Be the Change Inaugural Ball.) First off,… Read more »

View From The Press: Watching Obama Make History

FROM YOURHERE.MTV.COM: I wondered if it was the same at the McCain site, but the Obama rally’s press area looked like a United Nations congregation. Everyone in their own languages were talking about the importance of this election. One could sense their excitement about the upcoming event. Folks with huge cameras and tall ladders set… Read more »

Nas Records Pro-Obama Song ‘Election Night’ — Earlier Today!

Nas has joined some of his hip-hop peers such as Juelz Santana and Busta Rhymes who became first-time voters in the 2008 election. The Queens MC — who’s on tour in Oslo, Norway — was so excited about the election that he got in the booth earlier today and recorded a new song called “Election… Read more »

Meet Tom Krieglstein, First Person In Line For Barack Obama’s Chicago Rally

You gotta get up really early to make history. Or, in the case of 28-year-old Tom Krieglstein, stay up late. Hours before anyone else thought to line up for tonight’s rally in Grant Park for Senator Barack Obama, the Wrigleyville, Chicago, native proudly took his place as the first person in the queue at 7:30… Read more »